Plant for Thought by labroots

Users of Medical Cannabis Reduce Their Alcohol Intake

An article published by labroots, and written by Angela Dowden, summarizes the results of a Canadian Cannabis Patient Survey from 2019. This study reflected an observed decrease in substance use (alcohol, opioids, and illicit drugs) in cannabis-authorized individuals. Among these 2,102 individuals, 973 reported previous alcohol use, of which 419 (or 44%) said they reduced their use frequency over the past 30 days. These results add to a growing body of findings that imply cannabis as a safer alternative to other substances. The authors of this survey report, “Since alcohol is the most prevalent recreational substance in North America, and its use results in significant rates of criminality, morbidity and mortality, these findings may result in improved health outcomes for medical cannabis patients, as well as overall improvements in public health and safety. ” Consider reading the Oregon State University study (on collegiate level binge drinking reductions) and viewing the research indicating the reduction of binge drinking in states with legalized cannabis for more information.

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