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Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M) West Conference Running in 2021!

Considering mitigated COVID-19 restrictions, the medical design and manufacturing (MD&M) West will run in 2021. This conference is regarded as one of the largest MedTech community events to run each year. This year MD&M West will have speakers and attendees from Medtronic, Phillips, Abbott, Boston Scientific, Babson Diagnostics, Illumina, and many other medical device-related companies; additionally, there will be exhibits rom Admedes, Ametek, BioCoat, Dymax, and many more. An article written by George Szasz, CM, MD and published by BC Medical Journal on January 15th, 2021, speculates about potential medical advances we could be expecting in 2021. Such advances, include, but are certainly not limited to…

· gene therapy for hemoglobin disorders

· novel drug for primary-progressive multiple sclerosis (MS)

· smartphone-connected pacemaker

· new medication for cystic fibrosis

· universal hepatitis C treatment

· bubble CPAP for increased lung function in premature babies

· increased access to telemedicine

· vacuum-induced uterine tamponade device for postpartum hemorrhage

· PARP inhibitors for prostate cancer

· immunologics for migraine prophylaxis

While not guaranteed, it is possible that devices, such as the bubble CPAP and smartphone-connected pacemaker, could be presented at MD&M West. The conference will run from August 10th to August 12th at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. For all speaker, attendee, and exhibit information visit the MD&M website. Expo passes are free if you register online here, otherwise they are $199 on-site.

For the complete BC Medical Journal article, including details on the medical advances listed above, click here.

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