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AAMI: Freely Available Sterilization Supplement Gets Second Installment

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

In June 2021, AAMI released the second installment in a sterilization supplement collection. However, the completion of this second installment begins back in 2019 when the Kilmer Conference sparked the need for a freely accessible collection of sterilization information and best practices. The first installment in this collection, entitled “Industrial Sterilization: Process Optimization and Modality Changes,” provides the evidence for how modern standards have been established and why they are important in the medical device industry through examples of historical work. The ongoing success of this initial installment evidenced the importance of expanding this series.

The collaboration that is emphasized in the second installment (now available here), entitled “Challenging the Status Quo, Driving for Continuous Improvement,” combines the perspectives of industry experts and includes their successes, pitfalls, and alternative methods to sterilization. The goal of this second installment is to innovate “product transfers between sterilization modalities, ensuring ethylene oxide (EO) process optimization, and overcoming challenges with reusable medical devices.” By combining the new research and methods presented by professionals in this field, these sterilization procedures can be improved, and standards can be newly adopted accordingly.

Click here for more information and to view the full summary of this second installment.

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